Well it looks like we are packing it in on Sunday, between Sandy and poor weather conditions after the storm and poor fishing we are done till next April.
I would like to thank all of you that continue to come and fish with me and our 2 great mates (Doug & Eric) and those who have just started fishing on the Erin Elizabeth.
I hope and pray that all of you made it thru that so called Super Storm, heck I still call it a Hurricane, we know way to many that were effected by that storm and its going to a long time till we can see the Jersey Shore the way that we all knew it and loved it.
We would like to thank our partners this year, Tony Maja great spoons!! and Chuck The Anchorman.
Its off to Fla after the Holidays to chase the Bluefish (haha)
Capt Mark Whitney
30' Pursuit Offshore
Member:Bay Head Shores Fishing Club
Member: Greater Point Pleasant Charter Boat Assoc.
Member:National Assoc. of Charterboat Operators
Pro Staff: Tony Maja tackle